Sukumar HealthCare, a sister concern of PSNA Group, is one of the leading and renowned medical diagnostic services provider started in the year 2010. Over the years, the organization has earned loyal customer base by offering the best diagnostic tests and services.
We provide Clinical Services to give the best treatment to our patients with our highly qualified doctors. Excellent treatment for all types of acute and chronic health issues of both adults and children can be obtained from our facility. Our doctors take care of the patients with an immense amount of responsibility resulting in the speedy recovery of our valuable patients!
We are experts in performing Mini and Master Health Checkups. Mini Health Checkup acts as guideline to know about your overall health status. This includes tests like blood pressure, sugar level, weight, BMI, and hence your health risk assessment can be done. Master Health Checkup is very essential for each and every individual who wishes to keep away from all kinds of potential diseases. All diseases related to heart, lungs, kidneys, and all other systems of our body can be detected at early stages in order to get them treated easily!
We provide accurate diagnostic results for a wide range of Clinical and Laboratory Tests and Profiles. We utilize the best quality equipments and reagents and also have a team of dedicated professionals with strict internal and external quality assessments. With these tests and profiles, prediction, early detection, diagnostic screening, confirmation and/or monitoring of the diseases can be done.

We provide the most trusted and safe online consultation to our patients! You can call our specialists to avail online consultation using your mobile phone! The appropriate medical advice and online prescription will be given to you by our experts!


Mr. R.S Kothandaraman is the the founder of “Sukumar Group”.

Mr. R.S Kothandaraman


Mr. R.S.K. Sukumaran, son of Mr.R.S. Kothandaraman is the Director of Sukumar Group who has committed himself to take this prestigious organization to a higher level.

Mr. R.S.K. Sukumaran


Mrs.S. Madhu Sukumaran is the Co- Director who supports the mission of medical services of her esteemed family.

Mrs.S. Madhu Sukumaran

Co- Director